Spring School Programs

With spring upon us and our Children’s Teaching Kitchen in it’s final stages of construction it’s time to start thinking about our Spring School Programmes!  We offer both organic gardening and nature programming that is based on the Ontario Curriculum and provides teachers and students with the amazing opportunity to explore our urban wilderness.

For more information about the programs we offer click the flyers below:

Eco Sprouts and Eco LIT’s!

Thanks to the continued support and love for our programs we are expanding our summer Eco Camps to include a broader age range.  That means we’ve set up a new Eco Sprouts camp for 4 to 6 year olds and a new Environmental Leader In Training Camp for 15-16 year olds.

We’re very excited about our new camps so please spread the word far and wide.  There are still a few spaces left but they’re filling fast!  For more information check out the information and barcodes below.  You can sign-up online at http://www.toronto.ca/parks/torontofun/to_fun_regmethods.htm or call 416-338-4FUN (4386).  Click on the information posters for a downloadable version.

Are You Ready South District!? Registration Time Tomorrow.

It’s that time, Toronto/South District you’re next up for registration.  Tomorrow at 7 am get ready to register for the Music Garden Eco Camp!  Check out our table below of important course barcodes and get those dialling and clicking fingers ready.  Click here for Registration tips and tricks.

Click here for the downloadable .pdf

The 2011 Year End Report

2011 … what an amazing year!  The year of big changes and fun discoveries. It was a year without our flagship Children’s Garden in High Park.  It was a year of little feet hiking.  It was a year of fresh new starts.

After 5 years of research and preparation our Children’s Teaching Kitchen got underway.  Our friend … the old Picnic Shelter # 16 was removed to make way for a beautiful new straw bale building.  It was a sad moment and a happy one for us all.  That old shelter saw us through rain, snow, sleet and baking sun but alas it was time for that fresh start!

The story of the construction of the Children’s Teaching Kitchen can be found on the From Start to Finish page.  You can also view the latest instalment the Framing Frontier.

For more information about what happened in our programs during 2011 check out our 2011 Annual Report.

Alana’s Blog

I am a student at Niagara College in Recreation and Leisure Services. I had chosen the Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Program as my end of the year placement.

My experience here was very positive. It was very rewarding and I learned a lot more than I expected to. I was able to participate in the hikes as another leader and take part in the gardening exercises both here and at the Waterfront location. Through all of my gained knowledge I was able to teach it back to the public, even when my family came to walk around the park I gave them a successful tour. During the day when the school groups had come I was able to be on my own andteach them something about the theme of the day. I watched the children enjoy the program as much as I did myself. There was a variety of different activities and games thatwere created by us and then implemented. My favourite was instincts for survival! All of the activities we did for the children had meaning and were based on their curriculum topics. The staff are incredibly friendly and made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I was a part of the team in no time!

I came to this placement with not much experience with gardening or knowledge about High Park and I will leave feeling like an expert. The different ages of school groups that came to the park made my day that muchbetter. I was able to experience leadership in a variety of different ways every day. This placement gave me a chance to come out and be a leader and teach children about different aspects of the park including taking them through the different eco systems (which is incredible!) I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it my all.

Thank you Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Programs for giving me a great experience!


The White Squirrel …

OK that title needs some sound effects behind it … something along the lines of dun, dun, dun! So have you heard about the sightings of white squirrels here in Toronto?  We have so many squirrels in our City that most of us hardly ever notice them.  It’s like they’ve become wallpaper, you know it’s there but hardly ever notice it, because it’s always there.

But squirrels, like their feathery counterparts pigeons (a.k.a. Rock Doves), are a lot more interesting than one might think.  Have you noticed the colour of the squirrels in your neighbourhood?  The main species of squirrel you’ll find in Toronto is the Gray Squirrel, even though they’re fur can often be black.  I’ve also noticed many with rusty/red coloured fur (sometimes they’re even 1/2 gray 1/2 rust).  There are even one’s with white fur.

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Registration Reminder

As the temperature starts to rise once again it’s time to remind everyone that Eco Camp registration starts soon!  I know it seems silly to think of summer camp while there’s still snow on the ground but spaces fill up fast for our fun, environmentally focused camp.

So here are the dates, phone numbers and links you’ll need for a smooth, chaos-free registration 😉  We have 3 camps/age groups to choose from; 6-10 year olds at High Park,  10-13 year olds at High Park and 6-9 year olds at the Music Garden.

Eco Camp – High Park

Registration starts: Saturday, March 5 starting at 7 am (We suggest you start at that time too in order to get the dates you want)
Program dates and information: Click here for the online FUN Guide listings – Choose High Park location then hit search for dates, times and program codes
Pick up and Drop off location at Camp: Map of High Park – picnic shelter #15

Eco Camp – Music Garden

Registration starts: Wednesday, March 9 starting at 7 am (We suggest you start at that time too in order to get the dates you want)
Program dates and information: Click here for the online FUN Guide listings – Choose Music Garden location then hit search for dates, times and program codes
Pick up and Drop off location at Camp: Little Norway Park – Map of Music Garden included

For more information on the City of Toronto’s Recreation Program registration process please click here.  For more information about Eco Camp call Robin at 416-338-5055 or email: rsalt at toronto . ca (spaces inserted and @ removed to protect from spam).

Spring School Programs

Time’s also running out for Spring School Program registration.  We’re filling up fast but still have a few spaces left.  Go to our Curriculum Based School Programs page for more details on what we offer and how to register.

Happy Holidays!

We here at the Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Programs just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays!  We hope you have the opportunity to share a great (local, organic 😉 ) meal and a great time with family and friends and we wish you all the best in the new year!

Mulled Apple/Pear Cider and Deep Dish Sweet Potato Pie!

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