Kitchenland’s Majestic Green Crown

‘Twas a misty dawn early one morn as wispy tendrils swirled forth from the Great Lake of Ontario. Members of the royal court gathered in the Garden to catch a glimpse of the royal caravan rolling into Kitchenland carrying its crowning green glory!  

This most important of days, the crowning of Kitchenland, had finally arrived!  Trays upon trays of colourful, drought resistant plants filled the caravan with beauty and life.

This green roof system was generously donated, to crown Kitchenland, by the fine merchants (a.k.a. professionals) at LiveRoof Ontario.  It consists of 10 cm (4″) deep trays filled with a special growing medium and hardy succulent plants.

These trays are designed to maximize water retention for the plants and minimize the impact of the elements on our roof membrane.  This is a pre-planted system that produces a lush beautiful green roof right from the start with a very high rate of plant survival.

The plants themselves are a beautiful mix of succulents, plus a native nodding onion, that can survive the dry summer months one can often find in the High Park Kingdom and throughout the GTA territory.

Of course at this point the question becomes … how do the royal green roofers get these heavy plant trays to the peak of Kitchenland?

Why with a mighty royal steed of course!

But first a layer of protective fabric must be put in place.  This protects the precious white roof membrane from scratches, growing medium (pretend soil) and the ultimate membrane deteriorater … UV rays!

Up next the first row of jewels in Kitchenland’s crown …

Each row of the “crown jewels” is laid out with space along one end to allow the royal roofers access up and down the roof.  These trays can be cut to fit in and around different and difficult areas.

As the sun traversed the sky above our newly sprouting Kitchenland, more and more rows of plants filled in the green crown.

More plants are hoisted by the trusty steed …

Completion of the roof is near and the finishing touches almost in place.

Finally after a long day of lifting, carrying and placing, Kitchenland’s beautiful green crown grows brightly for all to see.

The people of High Park Kingdom were in awe of Kitchenland’s new green crown!  Throughout the summer the “royal jewels” in this crown will flower in yellows, whites, pinks and reds.  During the winter it will cast a warm red glow over the Hamlet of Blue Shedville, the tiny Hamlet of Compost Corner and the Village of Sandbox Station.

This crowning moment brings Kitchenland one step closer to completion.

The next leg of our journey … The Royal Throne!

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