Cooking, Health and Nutrition

Click here for our brochure with program and contact information. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Cooking, nutrition and healthy living have always been an important part of the Children’s Eco Programs. Now with our new Children’s Teaching Kitchen we are able to expand our cooking and nutrition programs to a whole new audience. Programs in our Kitchen are curriculum linked and help your students review healthy eating habits, nutrition guidelines, math, food security, cooking skills and kitchen health and safety.


How can you pass up on a program called A Bowl Full of Fractions? 😉 Just imagine how much faster students would learn their fractions if they had the chance to bake some tasty, healthy treats! This is just one way cooking in the Children’s Teaching Kitchen links to the Ontario Curriculum. Our Kitchen programs are full of hands-on activities that keep students interested and learning. We use seasonal, local, organic ingredients in our recipes while teaching students why these qualities are so important in our food.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Many of the activities include:

  • Harvesting
  • Estimating & measuring the volume of ingredients
  • Food Mapping
  • Safe kitchen practices (including knife handling for older grades)
  • Vegetable & fruit identification
  • Measuring using fractions and the Metric System
  • Sensory Activities

Make sure you book early to ensure you get the date you need. Once you send in your Booking Form for school and group programs you will receive a confirmation form and a Teacher Information Package with directions and activities to get you prepared for your visit.

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