A Fairy Tale Foundation …

Although it may look like we’re digging a moat around Kitchenland you must remember … things are not always as they seem!  We plan to make Kitchenland fully accessible to all citizens visiting the High Park Kingdom 😀  So while a moat is not necessary (although how much fun could we have growing aquatic food plants!), digging deep for a solid foundation most definitely is!

A solid foundation is key to the long life of a building.  The sand throughout Kitchenland will help create an excellent, strong base for Kitchenland to grow upon.  As you can see by our valiantly digging Squires … Tom and Jerry (honestly!) … those trenches are quite deep.  Due to the delightful winters often felt across the High Park Kingdom, the “feet” of the building must start well below the frost line.  This will keep Kitchenland from shifting to and fro when the ground freezes.

From here many a noble person came forth to build the mould for the foundation walls … concrete was poured and the building of Kitchenland had officially begun!

When the High Park Magistrate (ok it was just us … but this is a fairy tale after all!) deemed the Children’s Teaching Kitchen be built in an environmentally friendly manner a proclamation was put forth. It stated that the foundation must have a special “sandwich” of insulation.  The extra step of adding a layer of insulation to the foundation will keep Kitchenland warmer in winter and cooler in summer with less use of electricity for years to come.

Once aligned concrete is poured on both sides of the insulation (the blue stuff) and a very tough to eat sandwich is born …

Much of the lovely sand that was dug out was put back in around the foundation but the extra sand … it’s heading off to the Village of Sandbox Station where citizens will rejoice (and hopefully keep it within the village boundaries! 😉 ).

With the foundation wall complete …

… Including little baby doorways …

… this one’s the back door by the way … Kitchenland is ready to move onto the next leg of its epic journey …

the Framing Frontier!

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