Watch Me Grow Family Drop-In

Spring Peeper

The Watch Me Grow Family Drop-In program is free and runs every Thursday from 10 am to noon, throughout July and August at the High Park Children’s Garden.  

Turtle, Bird, Butterfly and Owl enjoy some fun in the garden.

Join us for gardening and composting activities, garden games, nature arts and crafts, storytelling and more!  Open to children from 0 to 12 year-olds (older children are welcome as helpers/volunteers).  No registration needed just stop by whenever you can!  Parental/caregiver supervision is required.

Children's Eco Programs 25th Birthday!

28 responses to “Watch Me Grow Family Drop-In”

  1. Lan Avatar

    Hi! We’re new to Toronto. This drop-in sounds great! Could you tell me the start date in July? Thanks!

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      Our Drop-In program starts the first Thursday in July – July 4th. We hope to see you there!

      1. Juliane Avatar

        Should that say July 3rd? The 4th is the Friday…

      2. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

        Yes it should! That reply was from last summer 🙂

  2. chilledmama Avatar

    We move to the area in August and look forward to joining you on one of the Thursdays. Thanks!

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      We look forward to seeing you there! Welcome to the neighbourhood 🙂

  3. amy Avatar

    Where exactly in the park is the High Park Children’s Garden please? Thank you!

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      We’re at the south end just north of the Colborne Lodge Museum and the Queensway entrance into the park. Here are directions to our Garden from various entrances to the park:

      We hope to see you next Thursday 🙂

  4. Amy Avatar

    Hi! is your drop-in still on tomorrow, aug 29th? Thank you!

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      Our Drop-In is still on … Today’s our last one for the 2013 Season. Please feel free to stop by. We’re having a Garden Party 🙂

  5. Emily McInnes Avatar

    Hi There!
    Will you be doing the drop-in garden program for Summer 2016? Also, I was searching around on your site for a program that is specifically geared toward the garden and planting, outside of a march break or summer camp. Is there a program being offered in the Spring months (like a weekly thing), through the FUN Guide or elsewhere? My son is 4 and I was hoping to sign him up for something that would be garden / planting / growing focused!

    Otherwise, I guess the closest thing is this drop-in?

    Many thanks, I look forward to visiting either way.

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      Hello and thank you for your interest in the Children’s Garden! We are running the Drop-In program on Thursday mornings again this July and Aug. It’s one of our favourite programs (as it lets us admin folk get out and play in the Garden too!). As for recurring weekly programs in the garden this is your best bet aside from our Camps and School Programs (if your little one is home schooled we might be able to put you in contact with a group that joins us quite often).

      Please note that the Children’s Garden is open to the public so you are welcome to stop by any time and have a visit. We hope to see you out there this season … there’s always something new to see and explore!

  6. Pegeen Richardson Avatar
    Pegeen Richardson

    I work at a child care centre and just wondering would I be able to bring my group to the drop-in program this summer?


    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      Thanks for your question! If it’s a small group (10 children plus adults) we can usually work things out. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate larger groups as we often have a large number of families attending the drop-in. There’s only so much space in the garden! We do, however, offer programs for groups throughout the summer. Please feel free to contact Keely at 416-392-1329 for more information.

  7. Ana Avatar

    Are your summer camps fully booked and is there a waitlist? I have a 4 year old daughter and we are looking for the first week of August. Thanks!

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      Our camps are fully booked for the summer. We do have waitlists … they’re fairly long but it never hurts to add your camper to the list. Call 416-338-4FUN (4386) or log onto to add your camper’s name to the waitlist. You’ll find a chart with all of the necessary camp program barcodes on our Eco Camp Page.

      Thanks for your interest in Eco Camps!

  8. Nicola Holmes Avatar

    Hi – Where in the park is the garden located? And are some areas in shade or all in direct sun?

    Sounds great, thank you!

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      The main garden is in full sun but it’s surrounded by shady areas. We make sure to do activities in both areas but hats and sunscreen are always suggested for our Drop-In program! The most popular activity is usually watering and that does happen in full sun 🙂

      Location is south end of the park, just north of Colborne Lodge Museum and about 5 to 10 minutes walking distance south of the Restaurant. Check out our About us page for a map of the park.

      Hope to see you at the Family Drop-In this summer!

  9. Elise Avatar

    Hello! I noticed that this drop-in ends around lunch time. Will there be food served? Just wondering so I know whether to pack lunches for the kids when we drop by tomorrow.

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      Lunch is not served but sometimes there is a little snack. You’re welcome to bring a lunch and picnic at the Garden or there’s always the restaurant in the centre of the park. Have fun!

  10. Chitra Avatar

    Hi, will you have the drop in program in the summer 2017 as well?

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      Definitely! 🙂 Every Thursday morning from 10 am to Noon throughout July and August. It’s one of our favourite programs (it lets us office folks get out into the garden and play a little!). We look forward to seeing you there!

  11. Sara Avatar

    Hi! Just wanted to enquire if your garden family drop in program is on tomorrow. Also, what are the timings for it? Do I need to register for it in advance? Is there a parking close to the garden? I have an infant with two preschoolers with me 🙂 Thanks!

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      Hope you managed to find us! We are a go for Thursday mornings from 10 am to Noon this summer and yes there is parking at Colborne Lodge around the corner or up at the Grenadier Restaurant. No registration necessary just stop by when you can 🙂 We look forward to seeing you there!

  12. Tanya Avatar

    Hi, will you have the drop in program in the summer 2019 as well? Thank you

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      Yes the Family Drop-In Program is running every Thursday in July and August from 10 am to Noon. We hope to see you there!

  13. Nicole Avatar

    Hi, is this running this year (2022)? Thanks!

    1. torontochildrensgarden Avatar

      Hi Yes we’re running our Drop In Program this summer. Thursday mornings from 10 am to 12 pm starting July 7th and running until September 1st.

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