Kitchenland’s New Palisade

With Picnic Shelter #16land swiftly transforming into Kitchenland, majestic silver and blue construction hoarding is cropping up around the Kingdom.  The excitement can be felt throughout the realm.  Brilliant blue walls and sparkling silver fences now surround what is soon to become Kitchenland.

This lovely construction hoarding will keep the young Teaching Kitchen safe as it grows and matures (which should take about 4-ish months ;)).

The next thing to do is protect the majestic oak tree that resides at the northern end of Kitchenland.  It, along with a good deal of the forest throughout the High Park Kingdom, has suffered greatly due to the lack of rain this summer.  But never fear!  It’s a strong and cared for tree and should be around to shade Kitchenland (or at least the tiny estate of Blue Shedville) for years to come.


Magically one morning this week we arrived to find our majestic oak surrounded by hoarding … it was as if the hoarding grew overnight (when in reality they put it up that morning and we didn’t get ourselves down there until later in the afternoon!).

This tree hoarding has special properties … not only does it keep the majestic oak from getting scraped and scratched by the hard-working construction equipment.  It also keeps people and heavy objects from squishing the mighty oak’s roots.  Here’s a closer look at this magical contraption:

Hark! Our tiny Hamlet of Compost Corner is completely overgrown with Lamb’s Quarters (boy has it run amuck!).  It’s an outstanding example of what can happen when you stop walking over a piece of ground and squishing the plants and their roots.  With so little foot traffic within Compost Corner this summer there are things growing that we’ve never seen!

With the hoarding in place all around Kitchenland the next splendid event is ready to take place!  Digging for the royal footings.  The Teaching Kitchen needs solid roots in the ground to stand tall and regal and to support an emerald and ruby draped living roof!  Our valiant backhoe is up to the challenge …

The ground throughout Kitchenland is nothing but sand … beautiful fine, soft beach sand.  The gallant operator of our valiant backhoe will be doing us a huge favour and saving the sand dug up for the footings for us.  This sand will be taken to the village of Sandbox Station and will replace the rough, hard (still weed and amaranth infested as of this moment) grey sand that is currently found throughout the village.

Let’s just say Sandbox Station will be an even more popular destination next summer 🙂

A Fairy Tale Foundation is the next instalment in our Kitchenland saga …

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