How to Get Here

The top half of the High Park Map.

Here are the directions to the Children’s Garden and Children’s Teaching Kitchen in High Park.  We are located in the south end of High Park just north of Colborne Lodge.  

Map Of High Park And Children’s Garden

By Foot and Bike: 

There are a number of paths that lead to the Children’s Garden.  We are a 5 minute walk north from the Queensway Entrance to the Park (you’ll find us just past the Parking lot at the turn around).

We are a 20-25 minute walk south from the Bloor Street Entrance to the Park along Colborne Lodge Dr. (take the left/east road south for fastest walk, keep going south past the restaurant … if you hit the lake … you’ve gone way too far 🙂 ).

From Parkside Dr. we are about 15 minutes south but mostly west of the Entrance (This route is a little tougher for bikes … head into the park and hang a left towards the duck pond/playground/zoo/parking lot.  Take the path on the west side of the parking lot (the Llama side) between the playground and the zoo.  You’ll see a little bridge/boardwalk, walk across it and up the hill staying to the right.  You’ll walk into the garden by the washrooms.  Alternately take the path through the zoo and walk up the stairs on the left.  Turn left at the top and walk back down the road to the Garden.  For most bike friendly – continue to the top of the zoo path then turn left and continue down the road).


501 Queen Streetcar:  Get off at the Colborne Lodge stop and walk north into the park.  Follow the walking directions for the Queensway Entrance.

Bloor Subway Line:  Get off at High Park Station, once outside walk east towards High Park Avenue (it’s the end with the trees, houses and large apartment building.  Not the end with the trees and medium apartment building).  Turn right and walk down to the lights at Bloor.  Continue south through the lights (heading to the east/left side of the street) and follow the walking directions from the Bloor St. Entrance.

506 College/Carlton Streetcar:  Get off at the High Park Loop and follow the continuation of Howard Park Blvd. south (basically go left down the main path from the stop, keeping Parkside Dr. on your left).  Continue South until you reach High Park Blvd. and the main Parkside entrance (big beautiful gates).  Once there continue a little further south (you’ll see the playground, duck pond and parking lot for the zoo).  Follow the walking directions for the Parkside Entrance.

80 Queensway Bus:  Get off the bus at High Park Blvd.  Head through the gates at the park entrance and follow the walking directions for the Parkside Dr. Entrance.

 By Car (Park is Closed to Cars on Saturdays and Sundays):

Please note that the speed limit inside the park is 20 kM/h.  Parking can become scarce on the really nice days so we suggest trying other modes of transportation first.  Also note that the road from the restaurant south to the Garden is a one way road heading south only.  If you need to head north from the Garden when you leave it is best to park at the restaurant and walk down.

From the Bloor St. Entrance:  Take the West Rd. (one way south) down to the restaurant and park.  Walk south on Colborne Lodge Dr. passing the office buildings/training centre on your right.  Continue south and you will see us on the left hand side of the road.

From the Parkside Dr. Entrance:  Enter through the gates and take a right at the stop sign (you can also go left to the zoo parking lot and follow the walking directions for the Parkside Entrance from there).  Continue along Centre Rd. to the stop sign by the restaurant.  Go straight at the stop sign and park in the restaurant parking lot.  Walk south on Colborne Lodge Dr. passing the office buildings/training centre on your right.  Continue south and you will see us on the left hand side of the road.

From the Queensway Entrance:  Please note that from this entrance you can only exit the park back through the Queensway entrance.  There is no car access to the rest of the park from this area.  There is also limited parking in this area.  Head north into the park from the Queensway and park in the lot near Colborne Lodge.  Walk north to the Garden.

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