Nobody Panic! We’re Still the Same CG and ET Programs You Know and Love!

It just gets really tiring typing out Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Programs every single time … In fact this little name change to Children’s Eco Programs could save us enough time throughout the year to water the garden at least two or three extra times!  😉

In fact what’s actually happened is we’ve expanded beyond our original two programs to now include a Children’s Teaching Kitchen (you may have heard of it) and Sustainable Building and Renewable Energy workshops/seminars (we’ll have to work on the title for that one!).

Children’s Eco Programs covers all of our great environmental education endeavours (sorry!) in one simple title.  For the history buffs in the crowd the story behind the extra long title is pretty simple – once upon a time there were two separate programs, one called the Children’s Garden and one called Exploring Toronto.  Alas, as often happens in a setting such as ours, funding for both programs was reduced and joining forces was the best option for saving both programs.  Thus a star was born … with a really long title!

It’s all rather exciting 🙂  Our new program title will now fit on our business cards too.  So here’s to many more years of gardening, hiking, cooking and  fun!

Here’s a quick recap of what’s up in the next few weeks here at the Children’s Garden:

  • Program Registration Starts at 7 am sharp on Saturday, Sept. 8th – We have cooking and leadership programs available this fall
  • High Park Harvest Festival, in partnership with Colborne Lodge Museum and the High Park Nature Centre, Sunday, Sept. 30 from noon to 4:30 (free harvest lunch while it lasts!)
  • Fall curriculum-linked school programs available both in the Garden and on the Trail … look for new programs in the Kitchen coming soon!

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