March Break Eco Camp

Join us for our fun filled March Break Eco Camp! You never know what the weather might bring during March Break so we have plans for everything. Your camper will definitely get to cook and bake, there will be fun games and activities plus hikes and nature exploration. We’re also prepared for activities in the snow or planting cold hardy seeds in the garden. Whatever the weather brings your Eco Camper will have a great time while learning about nature and how to make tasty, healthy treats!

Tree Study

Please Note:
2020 March Break Eco Camp Registration starts
Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 at 7:00 am.

Click Here for March Break Camper Information Forms


Program Barcode: 3246729
High Park Children’s Garden and Teaching Kitchen
6 to 10
March 16 to 20th, 2020
9 am to 4 pm (extended care available, registration required – Before 8-9 am (3246726 – $20/week) and After 4-5 pm (3246727 – $20/week))
Call 416-396-7378, Option 1, click here for online registration or head to your nearest Recreation Centre to sign up.

Cost: $207.00 per camper

March Break Eco Camp Reminders:

  • Contact Information: Camp Counsellors – 416-676-0725 or 416-392-4494, Camp Office – 416-392-1329 (Keely Forth, Community Recreation Programmer – Environmental) or;
  • Drop-off and Pick-up at the High Park Children’s Teaching Kitchen (click here for map/directions);
  • Campers with Medication – If your child is on medication (to be taken at camp) or carries an epi-pen there are extra medical forms to fill out. You can contact us for the forms or find them on our website under Programs/Eco Camp/Extra forms;
  • Eco Camp takes place rain or shine so please dress your camper for the weather, preferably in layers so they can remove a few if they’re playing an active game and add them back if they’re doing something quiet;
  • Add a pair of extra socks to their backpack … there will most likely be a puddle or two that makes it over the waterproof line of any boot or shoe;
  • Please provide lunch and at least two snacks (a little more for campers in extended care is recommended!). We try to be as environmentally friendly at camp as possible so we ask that you please pack a litterless lunch in reusable containers. We also have composters on site … plus by that time our worms will need more food so apple cores, banana peels and any basic fruit and veggie scraps can be added to the worm composter!
  • Please refrain from including foods containing peanuts/nuts or any 

    traces of nuts when packing lunches, as some campers may have

    severe allergic reactions to peanuts and other nuts.

  • Please send your camper with a full, refillable water bottle. We can refill as needed while they’re at camp;
  • It’s still a good idea (even in March) to slather on a little sunscreen on your camper’s face and hands before they go to camp. Send it along so they can reapply at lunch time too;
  • Please do not send valuable items, cell phones, electronic games/pets, iPods/MP3 players, trading cards, etc. Basically anything they wouldn’t want to lose or that would be a distraction;
  • Late Arrivals/Early Pick-Ups and Absences:  Please call/inform Camp Coordinators when your camper will be late, absent or picked up early. It’s important information for the staff and they can then coordinate with you regarding alternative drop off and pick up locations within the park. If your child is being picked up by a person not on your current pick-up list please give the Camp Coordinators written notice ahead of time;
  • Late Pick-Up Fee:  Parents/Guardians who pick up their child(ren) late will be charged $1 per child for each minute that they are late. Children not registered for the extended care program must be picked-up by 4pm and those registered for the extended care program must be picked-up by 5pm.

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