The 2011 Year End Report

2011 … what an amazing year!  The year of big changes and fun discoveries. It was a year without our flagship Children’s Garden in High Park.  It was a year of little feet hiking.  It was a year of fresh new starts.

After 5 years of research and preparation our Children’s Teaching Kitchen got underway.  Our friend … the old Picnic Shelter # 16 was removed to make way for a beautiful new straw bale building.  It was a sad moment and a happy one for us all.  That old shelter saw us through rain, snow, sleet and baking sun but alas it was time for that fresh start!

The story of the construction of the Children’s Teaching Kitchen can be found on the From Start to Finish page.  You can also view the latest instalment the Framing Frontier.

For more information about what happened in our programs during 2011 check out our 2011 Annual Report.

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