Little Green Sprouts to Brighten the Dark Winter Months

It’s that time of year, things are a bit dark and dreary and thoughts of spring gardens are popping into everyone’s minds. Most of the locally grown fruits and veggies we eat now are roots, squash, carrots and cabbage. These are the veggies that store well through the winter months and while they keep you full and warm, it’s nice to have something a little fresher to liven up your meals. There is something fun and tasty you and your kids can do to revive your taste buds and even add a little zing to your meals 😉


How many folks have hit the farmers market and eaten half a bag of sprouts on the way home? I know I can’t be the only one! Sprouts are a great way to enjoy fresh local food in a short period of time. Children love to help grow them and many will eat them straight from the sprouter (which can be as simple as an old spaghetti sauce jar!), the larger seeds and beans make a great snack. Most folks know the two most famous sprouts found in oriental dishes and salad bars around the world. Tiny little alfalfa sprouts can be added to salads, sandwiches and top many a casserole. Good old mung bean sprouts are the ones found in chow mien and egg rolls and a variety of stir fries.

While the traditional stuff is all fun and tasty there are hundreds of seeds out there you can sprout. Radish and mustard can add a little heat to your salad or sandwich. Sprouted chick peas can make a great hummus (check out the chocolate avocado mousse while you’re there!). Barely sprouted raw nuts like almonds taste heavenly and are even more nutritious than their dormant cousins. Sprouting beans before cooking can make them tasty and easier to digest. Continue reading “Little Green Sprouts to Brighten the Dark Winter Months”