Boating on Lake Children’s Garden Office

As you all know it’s a bit wet out there with the rain and snow melt … and of course there’s no where for any of it to go! So we’re thinking of opening a little garden/camp on the edge of Lake Children’s Garden Office. It offers beautiful views in the heart of the High Park Wilderness. There’s plenty of morning sun and afternoon shade, perfect for your boating adventures!

Lake Children's Garden Office

You can often see wildlife such as squirrels, eagles (one soared over the office the other day … so very cool!), coyotes (they’ve actually walked right past our front door before), toads and a variety of birds!

Ripples in Lake CGOIt offers many kilometres of hiking trails perfect for dog walking …

Children's Garden or Bust!Lake Children’s Garden Office does have a unique charm all it’s own. If you stop by throughout the summer ensure you visit the butterfly garden surrounding the offices. You won’t find a better spot for butterfly watching in the Park!

Here’s one more photo for the road (cause I used the pretty filter on it and it’s just too nice not to show you 🙂 ). Enjoy and stay dry!

The SS Eco



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