Boating on Lake Children’s Garden Office

As you all know it’s a bit wet out there with the rain and snow melt … and of course there’s no where for any of it to go! So we’re thinking of opening a little garden/camp on the edge of Lake Children’s Garden Office. It offers beautiful views in the heart of the High Park Wilderness. There’s plenty of morning sun and afternoon shade, perfect for your boating adventures!

Lake Children's Garden Office

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A Cold But Adventurous Day In High Park

One of the many amazing things about High Park (aside from the awesome Children’s Garden and Teaching Kitchen 😉 ) is the variety of wildlife you’ll see. You don’t often have the opportunity to see some of these animals in wilder locations due to forest cover. High Park, however, is an important stop over for animals travelling around Lake Ontario and they’re much easier to see in an urban setting.

Our Winter Eco Adventurers braved the cold today and were rewarded with a rare treat! They managed to sneak up on a pair of bald eagles in the trees just west of the Garden.

Sneaking Up

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Please Melt, Please Melt, Please Melt!

It is absolutely gorgeous here in High Park right now. Everything is glittery and sparkly and bright. The Black Oak Savannah is absolutely breathtaking! The problem is … this breathtaking sight could also do plenty of damage to such an important and rare habitat!

Sparkly Tree

The ice still weighs heavy on the old oaks and a good gust of wind could still send large branches flying. Dangerous to park users and harmful to our lovely trees. While they’re strong and have survived a couple hundred years now, urban trees have it tougher than those in the wild. Pollution, soil compaction, drought and vandalism (surprisingly not those little squirrel ruffians 😉 ) have more of a detrimental effect on trees in the City than those in the country.

So while you’re sending warm thoughts to those still without power please spare a moment to think melty thoughts for our trees 😀

Quick note – As of this moment the entrance to High Park from Parkside Dr. is still closed due to a downed hydro wire.

Fall Program Registration And Summer Wrap-Up

Where did summer go?! It’s amazing how quickly 8 weeks of summer camp can fly by. We had an outstanding summer thanks to our many campers, parents, volunteers and of course … our awesome Counsellors! There were plenty of yummy, veggie filled snacks cooked in the Kitchen, hours and hours of hiking along lush green trails, many plants watered and harvested and tonnes of crafts created. 

20130730_141341Check out our summer slideshow below!

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The Summer Squash Soirée – Aug. 19, Noon to 4 pm

A garden party with panache!  A little fancy and a whole lot of fun 🙂  Join us at the High Park Children’s Garden and Children’s Teaching Kitchen for a free Community Event on Sunday, August 19 from noon to 4 pm.  

Squash from the High Park Children’s Garden

The Summer Squash Soirée is an afternoon of Garden Party Delights.  Enjoy a free harvest lunch made with veggies straight from the Children’s Garden, join our special guest Caitlin and help decorate for the Soirée with beautiful garden art creations inspired by food and garden stories, craft a fancy garden party hat, have your face painted for the festivities, partake in our special squash sessions – how to use all that zucchini and how to grow it in the first place … and so much more!

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High Park Cherry Blossom – Update

Again a brief reminder to please take the TTC to the Park if you’re joining us this weekend! 

A final Cherry Blossom Update before we head out for the weekend.  It’s getting very close out there!  Many of the Park and Nature Centre Staff have picked their dates for the blossoms to open … Jorge the Park Supervisor says Saturday … Nature Centre Staff are thinking Sunday (I think) … I’m liking Monday myself.  I might be a little late with that prediction but I’m thinking the Cherry Blossoms will be at their peak by then.

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Warm Up With A Little Sage Tea

Sage is a pungent herb most of us associate with stuffing and turkey but it’s a much more flexible seasoning then most folks think!

Have you ever tried sage tea?  Admittedly it has a flavour that may take some getting used to but it can help with congestion and stuffy noses that often crop up at this time of year.  You can combine it with other herbs or lemon tea to make it tastier if necessary.

Another great combination is sage and squash!  Add sage to your squash recipes for a tasty, savory side-dish.  A teaspoon or two of dried and crumbled or close to a tablespoon of fresh combined with olive oil and garlic then spread over the inside of your favourite squash is sure to please.

For a real treat fry fresh sage leaves in butter (preferably organic sage leaves (and butter of course!) … some store bought types can be a bit bitter) until golden brown and use them for garnish on squash, rice, potatoes or other savory dishes.  Just try not to eat all the sage before it makes it to your plate … oh so yummy!