A Cold But Adventurous Day In High Park

One of the many amazing things about High Park (aside from the awesome Children’s Garden and Teaching Kitchen 😉 ) is the variety of wildlife you’ll see. You don’t often have the opportunity to see some of these animals in wilder locations due to forest cover. High Park, however, is an important stop over for animals travelling around Lake Ontario and they’re much easier to see in an urban setting.

Our Winter Eco Adventurers braved the cold today and were rewarded with a rare treat! They managed to sneak up on a pair of bald eagles in the trees just west of the Garden.

Sneaking Up

They managed to get close enough to take a great photo of the eagles. One of them is having a snack.

Eagles EatingThey also saw a number of other animals … mostly of course squirrels. But! There are a few pairs of cardinals around to delight everyone with their bright red feathers.


All in all a great day was had here in High Park!




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