Mightier Than a Martial Arts Proficient Turtle

Our heroic tale takes us back to a time when we were innocently hoping for a nice hot summer (amazingly enough our campers did swim at every opportunity throughout the season!). A time when school was slowly winding down and student’s attentions were focused elsewhere. We start our (martial arts and New York sewer system free) story along the edgeContinue reading “Mightier Than a Martial Arts Proficient Turtle”

A Cold But Adventurous Day In High Park

One of the many amazing things about High Park (aside from the awesome Children’s Garden and Teaching Kitchen 😉 ) is the variety of wildlife you’ll see. You don’t often have the opportunity to see some of these animals in wilder locations due to forest cover. High Park, however, is an important stop over forContinue reading “A Cold But Adventurous Day In High Park”

Eco Sprouts and Eco LIT’s!

Thanks to the continued support and love for our programs we are expanding our summer Eco Camps to include a broader age range.  That means we’ve set up a new Eco Sprouts camp for 4 to 6 year olds and a new Environmental Leader In Training Camp for 15-16 year olds. We’re very excited aboutContinue reading “Eco Sprouts and Eco LIT’s!”

File This One Under: Slightly Gross But Totally Cool!

Something that always amazes us here in High Park is the extent of the wildlife living in this unique urban forest.  It’s the biodiversity (the variety of plants and animals) you can find here that’s so important … it’s not just white squirrels!  We often see ducks, swans, geese, hawks, Great Blue Herons, Snowy Egrets, NightContinue reading “File This One Under: Slightly Gross But Totally Cool!”

The White Squirrel …

OK that title needs some sound effects behind it … something along the lines of dun, dun, dun! So have you heard about the sightings of white squirrels here in Toronto?  We have so many squirrels in our City that most of us hardly ever notice them.  It’s like they’ve become wallpaper, you know it’sContinue reading “The White Squirrel …”

‘Tis The Season For Mulled Cider!

There’s some tasty local, organic cider still available at your local farmer’s market these days and what better time for a nice warm treat?  It’s a pretty simple process to mull cider.  The basic version is your apple/cinnamon combo! Mulled Apple Cider: 1-2 L Local Apple Cider 1-2 cinnamon sticks (2 to 3 tsp, orContinue reading “‘Tis The Season For Mulled Cider!”