Registration Preparation …

UPDATE:  Sorry folks … apparently my mind was elsewhere when I wrote up the chart … Eco Sprouts camp is for 4 – 6 year olds.  I apologize for the confusion!

Are you ready?  It’s that time of year once again!  Time to hit the phones/internet/Community Centre and register your child for summer programming!

Registration Dates:

High Park Eco Camps – Saturday, Mar. 3, 2012 starting at 7 am
Music Garden Eco Camp – Wednesday, Mar. 7, 2012 starting at 7 am 

We know it’s a little nutty trying to phone in or go online at 7 am on a Saturday morning (why’s it always Saturday for the West end?!) to register your kids for camp … and it’s only a slightly better doing so at 7 am on a Wednesday morning (that’s for the South end and our Music Garden camp).  So we’ve prepared a little checklist for everyone to work from that includes a list of our barcodes and the themes to each week of camp.  Hopefully you will now have everything you need for crack of dawn re-dialing and page refreshing.

Just try to keep conscious enough to NOT hit refresh or hang up when you finally get through (I’m pretty sure we’ve all “been there, done that” at one point in time!) 😉

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Our Final Day of Camp for 2011

And … we’re done.  Our final day of camp for 2011 is finished.  All the camper’s have gone home.  It’s been a unique, fun and above all warm summer.  We’d like to thank all of our Campers, Volunteers and of course Counselors for such a fantastic season!  It was a very different year without the use of the Children’s Garden, however, our Counselors were very creative and came up with an outstanding program that the camper’s loved and parents appreciated (mostly due to how well their campers slept after a day of hiking 😉 ).

So thanks again everyone and make sure to look for our new program line-up for next year!  All the old favourites will be back (we can’t go a summer without Eco Camp or the Drop-In of course) and new programs based out of the new Children’s Teaching Kitchen will be available.

And on that note … here’s a little preview of the construction hoarding at the Garden … I know it’s not what most would consider an exciting picture, but we can’t help ourselves 🙂  It’s one step closer to a kitchen!

Camp Forms PLEASE!! :)

With only a few days to go until camp starts we’re looking for your camper’s forms!  We know it’s been a bit tough with the postal issues and all but we do need your camper’s forms before his or her camp session starts . . . especially if there’s anything important we need to know!

Click here if you need the forms and the handbook.

If you have them please fill them out and fax them to 416-392-1319.  Especially if you camper starts the weeks July 4th or 11th.  Otherwise you can mail them to the address on the form.

We will have forms onsite Monday morning if your unable to download and/or fax them in.

Please remember that your camper is not allowed to attend camp unless we have those forms filled out.  It’s a health and safety issue.

Happy Canada Day everyone and we hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Eco Camp Parent Handbook

It’s here!  The new Eco Camp Parent Handbook is available on our site and if you have a camper (or two 🙂 ) registered for camp this summer you’ll have them showing up in your mailbox shortly as well!

You will also receive a Camper Information Form for each child registered and a Media Release Form to fill out.  Please have these completed and returned by Tuesday, June 28th, 2011.  We must have these forms completed and handed in (at the very least when your camper arrives) for your child to attend camp.

If your camper carries an Epi-pen or will need to take medicine during the hours of camp there are other medical forms you must fill out and they can be found here.

Please do not hesitate to give us a shout if you have any questions or need more information!

We can’t believe that camp starts in just a few short weeks!  It’s going to be a great fun-filled summer!