Our Final Day of Camp for 2011

And … we’re done.  Our final day of camp for 2011 is finished.  All the camper’s have gone home.  It’s been a unique, fun and above all warm summer.  We’d like to thank all of our Campers, Volunteers and of course Counselors for such a fantastic season!  It was a very different year without the use of the Children’s Garden, however, our Counselors were very creative and came up with an outstanding program that the camper’s loved and parents appreciated (mostly due to how well their campers slept after a day of hiking 😉 ).

So thanks again everyone and make sure to look for our new program line-up for next year!  All the old favourites will be back (we can’t go a summer without Eco Camp or the Drop-In of course) and new programs based out of the new Children’s Teaching Kitchen will be available.

And on that note … here’s a little preview of the construction hoarding at the Garden … I know it’s not what most would consider an exciting picture, but we can’t help ourselves 🙂  It’s one step closer to a kitchen!

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