High Park Ice Storm Update

Fortunately it’s looking like High park made it through the ice storm pretty well. The Children’s Teaching Kitchen and Garden all seem to be intact and our offices have power.

There was a power line down over by the greenhouses just east of the restaurant but that’s on it’s way to being fixed. Being close to the lake has it’s advantages as we received more rain than freezing rain over the weekend. We’ve also had quite a lot of work done on the trees in the more popular areas of the park so much of the older, dead wood has been removed.

Just remember the ice laden trees still pose a danger when the wind picks up. Even a small branch breaking off and hitting you in the head will still hurt 😉

The Very Berry Brouhaha! Sunday from Noon to 4 pm

What is a brouhaha you might ask?  Why it’s a bash, a shindig, possibly even a to-do 🙂  We’re hosting our annual July special event and you are invited to join us!  This Sunday is an extra special occasion because we are hosting an event for the very first time in our beautiful new Children’s Teaching Kitchen.  

This lovely facility is a straw bale building with a gorgeous green roof and environmentally (and kid) friendly features.  Join us at 2 pm for a tour of the Kitchen and learn more about what makes it special.

Other fun activities and presentations will include:

  • Free Harvest Lunch from the Children’s Garden (while it lasts!)
  • 1 pm Presentation by Toronto Environmental Alliance (also check out their table and activities throughout  the afternoon)
  • Make Seedballs for our Teaching Kitchen Landscaping Project
  • Make your own Tea from the herbs in the Children’s Garden
  • Face Painting
  • The Very Berry Scavenger Hunt
  • Participate in our group art project – What does your garden grow – Mural
  • Mini Kitchen tours
  • 3 pm Garden Story Time

So please feel free to spend a lovely summer afternoon with us in the Children’s Garden.  We hope to see you there!

Fax Machine Is Now Working!

Thanks for your patience!  Our fax machine is now working (I literally just dialed it to make sure … honestly, here in the park you just never know) and I promise to stock the paper up as much as possible before we leave on Friday 😉

One other option you can try is to take your camper info forms (in an envelope addressed Attn:  Robin Salt, Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Programs, Hillside Gardens, High Park) to your closest City of Toronto recreation/community centre and have them add it to their interoffice mail.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this summer (even if your paperwork is a tad late 😉 )!

And just for fun … look at our amazing hardy kiwi plants … not only do you get tasty tiny kiwis but you get a beautiful plant too!  And yes it really is that pink!

Still No Fax … But Here’s A Back-Up #

We’ve been promised by Bell that our line should be fixed on Monday … in the meantime for those of you that need to fax in your camper’s forms, before they get buried in the paperwork and forgotten (trust me I understand 😉 ), here’s a back-up fax # you can use in the meantime:

416-392-0044 – Attn: Robin

We’ll let you know when we’re back online!  Thanks again for your patience …

p.s. – for those of you that recently mailed in your forms we have received quite a number of them so far 🙂

We’re Having Fax Issues!

Sorry about that … of course the fax line goes down just as the camp paperwork goes out and Canada Post goes on strike 😉  Unfortunately our “back-up” fax machine in our neighbour’s office is also awaiting fax line repairs.  We’ve had a lot of work done in the park lately …

We’ll let you know as soon as everything’s back online!

Thanks for your patience!

Seedy Sunday this Weekend! Yay! Spring is Around the Corner :)

Here’s the latest press release for Toronto’s Seedy Sunday, this Sunday, February 13 at Hart House.  If you’ve never been to Hart House before, now is the perfect opportunity.  Hart House is one of the University of Toronto’s many outstanding heritage buildings.  It’s also their “Living Laboratory.”

What is a “Living Laboratory”?
It’s a place for inspiration, engagement, reflection and action.
~ Hart House website

Seedy Sunday is a great opportunity to chat with other gardeners and buy/trade seeds for your garden.  We’ll be there with plenty of fun children’s activities so please make sure to stop by and say hi!  Here’s the media release for Sunday.  There’s some great information about why Seeds of Diversity started this event.

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