High Park Ice Storm Update

Fortunately it’s looking like High park made it through the ice storm pretty well. The Children’s Teaching Kitchen and Garden all seem to be intact and our offices have power. There was a power line down over by the greenhouses just east of the restaurant but that’s on it’s way to being fixed. Being closeContinue reading “High Park Ice Storm Update”

The Very Berry Brouhaha! Sunday from Noon to 4 pm

What is a brouhaha you might ask?  Why it’s a bash, a shindig, possibly even a to-do 🙂  We’re hosting our annual July special event and you are invited to join us!  This Sunday is an extra special occasion because we are hosting an event for the very first time in our beautiful new Children’s Teaching Kitchen.Continue reading “The Very Berry Brouhaha! Sunday from Noon to 4 pm”

Still No Fax … But Here’s A Back-Up #

We’ve been promised by Bell that our line should be fixed on Monday … in the meantime for those of you that need to fax in your camper’s forms, before they get buried in the paperwork and forgotten (trust me I understand 😉 ), here’s a back-up fax # you can use in the meantime:Continue reading “Still No Fax … But Here’s A Back-Up #”

Seedy Sunday this Weekend! Yay! Spring is Around the Corner :)

Here’s the latest press release for Toronto’s Seedy Sunday, this Sunday, February 13 at Hart House.  If you’ve never been to Hart House before, now is the perfect opportunity.  Hart House is one of the University of Toronto’s many outstanding heritage buildings.  It’s also their “Living Laboratory.” What is a “Living Laboratory”? It’s a placeContinue reading “Seedy Sunday this Weekend! Yay! Spring is Around the Corner :)”

Thank You For Your Support!

We’d like to send a quick thank you out to everyone that made it to last nights Children’s Teaching Kitchen Information Meeting!  We appreciate that you braved the slush and snow to view our great project.  We were very excited to see the plans for the kitchen and have everyone’s support and imput. Councillor DoucetteContinue reading “Thank You For Your Support!”