Beating the Heat at Eco Camp!

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It’s definitely getting warm out there! We’ve had quite the spell of unusual weather so far this summer. Now with Mother Nature cranking the heat up a couple of notches we thought we’d let you know a little more about how we deal with serious weather situations. 


We’re very fortunate to run our Eco Camp Programs here in High Park. There’s plenty of shade for those long hot summer days and we’re close enough to the lake to enjoy its cooling effect! We think that High Park is one of the best places to be during the extra hot days of summer.

During Heat Alerts We:

  • Ensure campers are wearing hats, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Make sure they drink lots of water … even when they don’t feel thirsty
  • Slow down the activities and games for the campers and even change them if it’s too hot
  • Play water games with sponges and watering cans to keep them cool
  • Also ask you send your camper wearing t-shirts so it’s easier to protect their shoulders from the sun
  • If, some how, campers end up getting too hot we can bring them into our office (centrally located in the park) and allow them to cool off a bit in the air conditioning

During Sever Thunderstorms We:

  • Ensure all camps take cover under appropriate shelter … this includes our Children’s Teaching Kitchen (probably the safest building in Toronto!), the Training Centre located next to our offices and a variety of picnic shelters located throughout the park
  • Continuously monitor the weather
  • Use our rain plan for different activities and games

An outdoor camp can be a great advantage during the hot summer months here in the City! A cool breeze off the lake and a few yummy treats from the garden make for great fun in the sun 🙂

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