Only 4 More Sleeps ‘Til Camp Starts!

Click here for Camp forms & Handbook in case you need them!

Eco Camp is almost here! We’re only 4 sleeps away until our first week of summer camp. Our wee sprouts will be doing Nature Crafts, our Junior camp will be checking out all the Critters & Crawlies in High Park and our youth will be exploring the Wild ‘Hood. Our Camp Counsellors have planned some awesome weeks of camp this summer and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone here in High Park!

Hard At Work!
Hard At Work!

For more information on what your camper will need at Eco Camp check out our Parent Handbooks. You also need to make sure your camper information and media release forms have been sent in. In case you’ve ever wondered … we need all this information to make sure your camper has a safe and happy time at camp.

Because our camps are out and about exploring all of High Park and a variety of other green spaces here in Toronto we ask for these forms early. This way we can enter the information into a confidential spread sheet (it ends up being one sheet of paper instead of 70) so our Camp Counsellors don’t have to carry around stacks and stacks of paper with them. Just a little insider information to help you understand why we do what we do 🙂

We’re excited to have your little campers join us this summer! We’ll be seeing you soon!

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