Eco Camp Spaces And High Park Happenings

What a whirlwind couple of months it’s been!  With this beautiful spring weather our Program Instructors have had their hands full with plenty of watering, weeding and seeding … this in addition to our fully booked spring school program schedule 🙂  The Garden is coming along nicely and … Dut da da da (big trumpet fan fair) The Children’s Teaching Kitchen is complete! 

Well, almost complete.  We still have dishes to do but now we get to do the fun stuff!  We get to set-up our Kitchen and take everything out of our mountain of plastic totes 🙂  We’ve been using the Kitchen for rain days  during our programs (after all the weather’s been so nice who would want to be inside?) and a spot for everyone to stash their lunches.

This summer our camps will get to use the Kitchen for many different activities including, of course, cooking!  We’re very excited to be able to offer such great programming in such an amazing space.  For the full story on how the Children’s Teaching Kitchen was built check out our From Caterpillar … To Butterfly story.

We also have a few spots left in our new Eco Sprouts Camp (4 to 6 year olds) and Youth Camps (10 to 14 year olds) here in High Park.  A few spots are also still available down at our Music Garden Eco Camp for 6 to 9 year olds.

Eco Camp-Music Garden: July 3-6 (Barcode: 1956823), July 16-20 (1956825), Aug. 7-10 (1956828), Aug. 13-17 (1956829)

Eco Sprouts Weeks: July 9-13 (Barcode: 2025256), July 16-20 (2025257), July 30-Aug. 3 (2044707) and Aug. 7-10 (2044706)

Eco Camp Youth: July 9-13 (Barcode: 1956657), July 23-27 (1956659), July 30-Aug. 3 (1956660), Aug. 7-10 (1956661) and Aug. 13-17 (1956662)

We have waiting lists for all other weeks of camp.  Please feel free to add your camper through the online registration service or through 416-338-4FUN (4386).

You may have also heard about the wonderful work Mike Holmes and his crew are doing to rebuild the Jamie Bell Playground.  For more information check out Councillor Sarah Doucette’s website.  Saturday, July 7th is the community volunteer build day.  Contact Councillor Doucette’s office for more details.

In other important park news … the High Park Zoo has been saved until at least mid-2013.  The Friends of High Park Zoo worked tirelessly along side zoo staff and the Councillor’s office to help keep the Zoo open for all to enjoy.

There are also plenty of other fun things going on down at Colborne Lodge and over at the Nature Centre.  Make sure to check out their websites for all the great events and programs.

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