The Ongoing Saga of Picnic Shelter #16

And please get your camp forms in 😉

Parent Handbook and Camper Information Forms

I promise to stop constantly requesting forms soon!  If only because camp ends in a couple of weeks 🙂

So our lovely old picnic shelter is gone and the site is prepped for our Children’s Teaching Kitchen construction crew to start at the end of the week.

We have to admit … this fills us with a little bit of dread … Only because we still need to clear out that blue shed back there!  Who knows what’s going on in the dark little corners of that shed.  I opened it today and found that spiders had taken over … this could get interesting.

We’ll be chronicling the progress both here, on our main blog, and on the From Start to Finish page.  There will be plenty of pictures and we might even get a few video’s posted too.

So keep checking back and watch as our lovely old caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly!

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