Just About Time for a Long Winter’s Nap!

It’s that time of year.  Gardens are being put to bed, snow shovels are being dug out from the shed and the leaves are added to the compost pile.  Well, almost on that last one!  After a quick survey of the Garden yesterday we’ve found a few plants still plugging away and trying to survive these last few frosts!

Cardoon – related to the Globe Artichoke

One thing that’s finally finished for the season is our Mexican Sour Gherkin cucumber plant (a.k.a. Fairy Watermelon . . . you can really imagine a group of little garden fairies sitting down to a picnic and pulling this teeny tiny watermelon out for desert!).  This plant produced plenty of cucumbers through drought, cool nights, too much rain, etc.!  They were great for the campers (and staff!) to snack on.

What's left of the Mexican Sour Gherkins

Here’s a picture of a bountiful harvest from the summer.  We would get at least this many almost every day!


Clockwise from top: Borage Flowers (purple/blue), Nasturtium Flowers (also edible), Mexican Sour Gherkins (little, tiny watermelon replicas!), Queen Anne's Lace (? white flower, unsure)

Our “bean tent” worked a little too well this year!  It took over the whole lamp post . . . climbing in underneath didn’t work but we ate some very scrumptious green beans!  We think it was worth the trade off.


Tent 'O Beans

We also managed to find this little guy when we were cleaning up our hot compost pile (where all the weeds and seeds go to become compost . . . and hopefully not spread throughout the garden!).  Don’t worry we put him back when we were done!

It was getting dark so he/she's a little blurry!

So that’s the state of our wee garden at the moment.  Next up on the agenda . . . a little raking of leaves!


Leaf raking anyone?

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