Little Green Sprouts to Brighten the Dark Winter Months

It’s that time of year, things are a bit dark and dreary and thoughts of spring gardens are popping into everyone’s minds. Most of the locally grown fruits and veggies we eat now are roots, squash, carrots and cabbage. These are the veggies that store well through the winter months and while they keep youContinue reading “Little Green Sprouts to Brighten the Dark Winter Months”

High Park Cherry Blossom – Update

Again a brief reminder to please take the TTC to the Park if you’re joining us this weekend!  A final Cherry Blossom Update before we head out for the weekend.  It’s getting very close out there!  Many of the Park and Nature Centre Staff have picked their dates for the blossoms to open … JorgeContinue reading “High Park Cherry Blossom – Update”

Seedy Saturdays (and a Sunday!)

It’s that time of year once again!  Seedy Saturdays (and a Sunday) are just around the corner.  Perfect timing for starting your seeds indoors.   There’s nothing like watching seeds grow to get you through the tail-end of winter.  Watching tiny little leaves unfold and slowly but surely turn into the plants we all knowContinue reading “Seedy Saturdays (and a Sunday!)”

Warm Up With A Little Sage Tea

Sage is a pungent herb most of us associate with stuffing and turkey but it’s a much more flexible seasoning then most folks think! Have you ever tried sage tea?  Admittedly it has a flavour that may take some getting used to but it can help with congestion and stuffy noses that often crop upContinue reading “Warm Up With A Little Sage Tea”

Chicken Of The Woods

So very COOL!  The Gardeners here in High Park found a little forest treasure today … it’s called Chicken Of The Woods.  It’s an edible fungus that tastes surprisingly like … chicken.  As you can see the human race is not overly creative when it comes to naming stuff! Please Remember – Never eat mushroomsContinue reading “Chicken Of The Woods”

Spring Greens Information and Recipes!

Over the next few months as things start to wake up and grow here in Southern Ontario we’ll see a few very special, local and truly seasonal spring greens popping up.  They’re tasty, extra healthy and make for a great way to celebrate the upcoming garden season … it’s that first taste of fresh, seasonal,Continue reading “Spring Greens Information and Recipes!”

Just About Time for a Long Winter’s Nap!

It’s that time of year.  Gardens are being put to bed, snow shovels are being dug out from the shed and the leaves are added to the compost pile.  Well, almost on that last one!  After a quick survey of the Garden yesterday we’ve found a few plants still plugging away and trying to surviveContinue reading “Just About Time for a Long Winter’s Nap!”