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  • Recipe of the Day – It’ll Keep You Warm!

    Today’s recipe of the day is a yummy, hearty soup. Perfect for damp/snowy/cold fall weather! This tasty soup is simple and adaptable. I was surprised how great it was when I had some leftovers from our adult cooking class last week 🙂 Personally I’m not a huge fan of fennel but I couldn’t taste it…

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  • Bean Update!

    We know you want one!  It’s Monday and they’ve had the weekend to dry.  The beans are now dark purple and a wee bit shrivelled 🙂  We’ll store them in a cool dark place until late next spring when it warms up enough to plant them again.  To check out what they looked like originally,…

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  • Art Today . . . Food Next Summer!

    The strong winds we’ve had over the past few days finally knocked down the runner bean plant we had in the office garden.  It started growing up our corn by the rain barrel then grew so big we hooked it to the roof overhang . . . The beans themselves were big with this awesome,…

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