An Interview with a Solar Wagon

Patience is a virtue. If it doesn’t work the first time, try and try again. There is a reason why some of these old adages still ring true today. Patience and a willingness to keep trying is why the Children’s Teaching Kitchen is here today. It’s also the reason why it has beautiful shiny new solar (photovoltaic) panels adorning the south-facing side of the roof!


After a few false starts trying to get our panels installed last year our wonderful friends at the Toronto Renewable Energy Office came to the rescue. The Teaching Kitchen is now part of a group of City buildings with new solar arrays (multiple panels) that are part of the Ontario Power Authority’s MicroFit Program. This program allows people with smaller arrays of solar panels to sell the electricity they produce back to Toronto or Ontario Hydro. For more details on this program follow the link. Some of the other buildings include our friends at Warden Hilltop Community Centre, Edithvale Community Centre, Nielson Park Creative Centre, EMS Station 33 and York Civic Centre.

We’re excited to have our panels up and running! We’re also working away on new programs to help school groups and community members learn more about renewable energy.

For more information on how the solar panels work check out the final installment of our Teaching Kitchen Saga – A Sunny Epilogue, an interview with a Solar Wagon.

You can also check out a video of the solar panel installation by clicking here.

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