Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun …

The sun shines down on the Children’s Garden here in High Park – A LOT! It’s one of the main reasons why our garden grows so well (and dries out so quickly 🙂 ). In the past the spot our Garden now grows upon was once a large parking lot and picnic shelter. This means that the space around the Garden and Teaching Kitchen has few trees to block out all that lovely sunshine.

When we built the Children’s Teaching Kitchen it was always in the plans to include solar panels as a clean, renewable source of energy. Unfortunately it was just a little too far out of our budget range at the time. Fortunately this year we have the opportunity to install those all important solar panels and we couldn’t be happier! Yay! Woo hoo!

The building permit is now posted:

Building PermitAnd the panels will be put in place and connected to the power grid around the middle of next week. They will sit across the south facing roof which is perfectly (or almost perfectly) aligned to collect plenty of sunshine.

Teaching KitchenNot that you can tell from today’s weather (and yes I may have had a little too much fun with the filter settings on our camera. But the clouds in this shot are just too cool)!

We are so excited about installing our solar panels that I’m even posting a picture of the back of our building permit 😀 :

Building Permit from BehindWe hope to figure out a way to record how much energy is being produced by our panels. We’re aiming to have something posted regularly on our website to keep everyone updated.

So stay tuned for the epilogue to our Children’s Teaching Kitchen Story – From CaterpillarTo Butterfly!

And the sun shone down upon the High Park Kingdom …

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