Recipe of the Day!

We’re starting a fun, new Recipe of the Day post here on the Blog. We have (and find) so many great recipes that we want to share with you that we felt it was about time! We hope this will help you and your family enjoy more fruits and veggies in your everyday meals. 

That said … we’re starting with a cookie recipe 🙂 This recipe comes to us from one of our awesome cooking instructors Maria Solakofski (a.k.a. the Guerilla Gourmet!). She recreated this Scandinavian Gingerbread recipe from a description of a cookie a friend of hers remembered from childhood. After a few tries she managed to get the recipe just right.

One of our returning groups made these tasty treats on Tuesday and really enjoyed them. We even had a few left over for our park staff (it never hurts to keep people fed ;)) and our Park Supervisor Jorge gave them two thumbs up! So without further ado … here is the recipe.

Oops! Just a little further ado – Note we haven’t tried a vegan version yet but if you substitute out the butter with a vegan margarine you’ll most likely achieve the same results. You could even try an apple sauce substitution for for the butter for even healthier cookies. Let us know in the comments section if you do and how well it worked.

Click on the photo below or click here for a slightly more printer friendly version.

Marias Barley Gingerbread

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