‘Tis the season for Camper Information Forms! – and our fax machine is out of toner :(


We’re very excited by the number of camper information forms and media releases we’ve received over the past couple of months! Thank You to those of you that have gotten them in 🙂 It makes things so much easier and makes for much simpler Monday mornings!

Alas unfortunately our fax machine is out of toner at the moment so you’ll have a little more time to get your forms in. We’re trying to get it replaced by Friday afternoon but we’ll see how that goes.  

If you need Camper Information Forms, the Media Release or the extra medical forms if your camper takes medicine or carries an epi pen then go to our Eco Camp Parent Handbook Page and you can download them from there. Our Parent Handbooks will also give you all the info you need to make sure your little camper will have a great time at Eco Camp!


If you have recently signed up your child for camp or end up getting a spot from our waiting list please get your forms in as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to a fantastic summer! The Garden is already in full swing and our campers will have a great time watering, harvesting and eating all those yummy fruits and veggies (I mean seriously you should see the gooseberries we’re going to have!). We’ll see you soon!



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