Keeping Cool At Eco Camp!

First things first:  Parent Handbook and Camp Forms can be found here

Now back to the business at hand …

Just in case you’ve had a chance to look at the weather of late you might have noticed the temperature rising significantly towards the end of the week.

Never fear … we’ve got it covered!  Our Counselors will make sure campers stick to the shade, take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water, wear their hats and play lots of water games.  If campers really start to feel the heat there are air-conditioned office and boardroom spaces where they can take a break and cool off.

One of the best things about being in High Park or down at the Music Garden is the breeze off the lake and the trees for shade.  The trees and the lake breeze also keep the air fresher during smog alerts.

Some suggestions for what to pack on Wed. and Thurs. – keep everything as light as possible, don’t forget the water bottle, light coloured loose clothing helps and pack extra fruit for snacks and lunch (much better than sports drinks!).

Please feel free to give us a shout if you have any questions … 416-338-5055 or 416-392-1329.

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