Mightier Than a Martial Arts Proficient Turtle

Our heroic tale takes us back to a time when we were innocently hoping for a nice hot summer (amazingly enough our campers did swim at every opportunity throughout the season!). A time when school was slowly winding down and student’s attentions were focused elsewhere.Mama Snapping Turtle

We start our (martial arts and New York sewer system free) story along the edge of a charming little body of water. It’s known to High Park Kingdom locals as The Grenadier Pond. The partially naturalized shoreline of the pond provides excellent habitat for a variety of wetland creatures including our story’s heroine, Mama Snapping Turtle.

There is a reason why this lovely Kingdom is known as High Park. Toronto’s watershed ravines are well know throughout the GTA Realm. High Park Kingdom is home to some of the best of these beautiful green spaces. One of the larger ravines in the Kingdom is where you’ll find Grenadier Pond (and here you thought we only had a Black Oak Savannah to show off!). These ravines and the ancient shoreline create hills the likes of which challenge even the most experienced outdoor enthusiasts and summer Shakespeare aficionados!

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