Not Your Ordinary Peanut Butter and Toast!

Looking for a little snack idea?  Getting a little bored with your breakfast toast?  Peanut butter goes with so much more than just your basic jam 🙂  The standard peanut butter partners we normally think of include jam, honey and bananas.  All of these are tasty treats but have you ever tried adding savoury stuff to the nuts? 

To start we have to talk about the basic peanut butter itself.  The best thing you can do for your heart and your health is to go for the old-fashion plain roasted peanuts only butter.  As we know all that sugar, extra (iffy) oils and preservatives aren’t that great for us … plus I promise you once you get used to the real thing … the junk filled stuff will taste like shortening with a hint of peanuts.  You can also make your own fresh peanut butter at home with plain roasted peanuts and your food processor.

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