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  • Cherry Blossoms and Spring School Programs!

    It’s a gorgeous spring day here in High Park! We really can’t complain about our work location when there are days like today (no matter how many times you get snowed on, hailed on or rained on trying to run across to the washrooms! 😉 ). This weather has also brought on the Cherry Blossoms and…

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  • High Park Cherry Blossom – Update

    Again a brief reminder to please take the TTC to the Park if you’re joining us this weekend!  A final Cherry Blossom Update before we head out for the weekend.  It’s getting very close out there!  Many of the Park and Nature Centre Staff have picked their dates for the blossoms to open … Jorge…

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  • High Park Cherry Blossoms

    Just a reminder parking in High Park is limited, please take the TTC! It’s that time of year again … really it’s a tad early this year … Cherry Blossom season!  If you’ve never seen the cherry trees bloom in High Park you’re missing out.  It’s a beautiful site that draws people from around the…

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