A Vote For Us Is A Vote For Solar Powered Stir Fries!

Huh!?  I know that’s what you’re thinking but it’s true 🙂  Once again we’ve entered the Aviva Community Fund Contest (you can also click on yellow Aviva Banner to the right).

Starting October 3 you can vote for us once a day for 15 days, until October 19th.  The most important thing to remember in this competition (aside from your daily vote) is our:

Idea #11114

Searching this number will get you back to our page to vote if the sign in process sends you in the wrong direction 🙂

Each year Aviva holds a contest across Canada and asks people to submit their community building ideas.  Then people vote for ideas and the ones with the most votes get to move onto the semi-finals and the judges choose ideas to fund from the semi-finalists with the most votes.

Whew!  Sounds a little complicated I know but it’s a really great opportunity for those of us who’ve entered.

We’d also like to take this moment to once again thank all of our amazing supporters (ahem, ahem … you!) for your enthusiasm and love!  We wouldn’t be here without you!

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