Recipe of the Day – Cabbage!

Our Fall Cabbage Salad is a simple take on the age-old question … what can I do with this head of cabbage!? Cabbage is incredibly good for you and pairs well in this recipe with the sweetness of maple syrup along with some tangy apple cider vinegar and cranberries. It’s not only a colourful salad but a tasty one too. It also keeps well in the fridge for at least a week so you can make plenty and serve it with dinner and take the leftovers with you for lunch.

Try the different variations or to mix it up a bit by starting with the plain salad and add seeds or nuts when eating the leftovers. Cabbage, carrots and apples are great storage crops  so this salad is perfect for local/seasonal eating for months to come 🙂

Click on the photo below for a .pdf file of the recipe or click here for a more printer friendly version.

Fall Cabbage Salad

Recipe of the Day – Great for the Weekend!

Here’s a few great recipes for the weekend … Burgers and Fries, Children’s Garden style! These lentil burgers are really healthy and really tasty. They’re a pretty quick meal to put together and bonus, the burgers can be frozen for fast lunches and dinners throughout the week. We all need more legumes in our diet and this is a great way to pack in the nutritional punch while still appealing to little taste-buds. 

Click the photo below for the full set of recipes or click here for a more printer friendly version.

Burgers And Fries

Recipe of the Day – Two Ways

Here’s a yummy and healthy option for pumpkin lovers! This Pumpkin Pie Square recipe is quick and easy (It can be gluten free too). I’ve added links to two versions of these squares … biggest difference is the frosting. 

Pumpkin Pie Squares with Macadamia-Vanilla Frosting – Forks Over Knives Website

Pumpkin Pie Squares with Candied Ginger – Treehugger Website

With American Thanksgiving coming up both sites also have lists of great Celebratory vegetarian and vegan recipes … very yummy! Check out Treehugger and Forks Over Knives for more.

Spring Greens Information and Recipes!

Over the next few months as things start to wake up and grow here in Southern Ontario we’ll see a few very special, local and truly seasonal spring greens popping up.  They’re tasty, extra healthy and make for a great way to celebrate the upcoming garden season … it’s that first taste of fresh, seasonal, local food!

What are the popular early spring greens found here in Southern Ontario?  Well they’re often considered weeds.  Yes we encourage you to eat your weeds!  Others are true delicacies that are native plants to our area.

Collecting these in the city can be a bit difficult and in many parks and conservation areas they are protected.  It is also important that these plants are properly identified before you pick them.  For this reason we always suggest purchasing these greens from your local farmers’ market.  If you would like to learn more, a quick search of the web will find you a number of courses in proper foraging techniques and plant identification.

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What To Post, What To Post?

That’s the tough question isn’t it?  What should our first post on the Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Programs brand new blog tell you?  What important facts should we impart?  What shiny little nuggets of wisdom should we dish out?

There are so many options, so many possibilities . . . but really, there’s only one clear choice:

Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake Recipe it is!

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