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  • Fall Program Registration Update!

    Fall Program Registration Update!

    It’s that time of year once again … Registration time! We’re less than a month away from our registration day for our fall and winter programs such as our Creative Chefs with Caregiver, Cooking Vegetarian and Garden and Nature Weekday Programs. There is one big change we need to let you know about! This fall our […]

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  • In the Depths of a Magical Urban Forest …

    In the Depths of a Magical Urban Forest …

    You will find yourself stumbling upon a wondrous glade where an enchanted stronghold known as Kitchenland resides! Kitchenland is a wee corner of the High Park Kingdom. Here children learn how to grow veggies, cook healthy meals and treats, enjoy nature and have a little fun. Have you ever wondered how the Children’s Eco Programs […]

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  • We’re Officially a Case Study!

    We’re Officially a Case Study!

    Very interesting news! The Ontario Association of Architects has chosen the Children’s Teaching Kitchen as a case study on sustainable design. There’s a lovely write-up on their website about the Kitchen and some great photos from throughout the construction, even some we don’t have ourselves.  Under the tab “Light | Air” you’ll see a lovely shot […]

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  • Children’s Teaching Kitchen Meeting Flyer

    Here’s the official announcement for the Meeting and it’s location: Children’s Teaching Kitchen Public Information Meeting or check out the post below for more information.  Please feel free to pass along to anyone you think might be interested! We look forward to seeing you on January 24th 🙂

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  • Children’s Teaching Kitchen Public Information Open House

    Hello all! We hope your 2011 is running along smoothly 🙂  We have an announcement to make . . . Please join us on Monday, January 24th, 2011 for a Children’s Teaching Kitchen Information Session.  Here’s your chance to learn more about our plans and our programs, check out design features of the Kitchen and […]

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  • The Children’s Teaching Kitchen – Update #1

    Happy New Year Everyone!  We hope you enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward to an amazing 2011! We at the Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Programs are looking forward to a fantastic year!  We’ve expanded our High Park summer Eco Camp program (ages 6-10) to 8 weeks of fun and are once again running […]

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  • A Great Big Thank You!

    It’s always nice to know your loved and appreciated!  The response we received from everyone throughout the Aviva competition will keep us feeling warm and fuzzy the whole winter through! We can’t thank you enough for your support and while we didn’t make the finals this year . . . there’s always 2011! So now […]

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  • Aviva Community Fund – The Children’s Teaching Kitchen # 9578

    I thought it might be a nice idea to explain a little more about how to vote for us in the Aviva Community Fund competition.  Here are the steps to make it a little easier! Step 1: Click the link for the Children’s Teaching Kitchen – http://www.avivacommunityfund.org/ideas/acf9578 Step 2: Register to vote Step 3: Check […]

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