Category: Wild Plants

  • High Park Children’s Garden Ice Storm Photos

    It’s starting to snow here in High Park as I post this … pretty little flakes that look like they belong in a snow-globe. Check out the photos of the park and Children’s Garden below. I will admit to possibly using the camera filters a little too often 😉

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  • The 2013 Prescribed Burn in High Park

    We had the amazing opportunity to watch part of this year’s controlled burn here in High Park. The rare Black Oak Savannah habitat found in the Park was once subject to frequent forest fires.  The native plants in the Black Oak Savannah have adapted over thousands of years to survive these regular forest fires. The fires […]

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  • Spring Greens Information and Recipes!

    Over the next few months as things start to wake up and grow here in Southern Ontario we’ll see a few very special, local and truly seasonal spring greens popping up.  They’re tasty, extra healthy and make for a great way to celebrate the upcoming garden season … it’s that first taste of fresh, seasonal, […]

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