Warm Up with Coconut Curry Squash Soup

With the chill and cold in the air today seems like the perfect day to post a few of our most popular recipes from our past Harvest Festival! We have two great soups and a stew plus a few ideas to go along with it.  Our fall cooking classes have also been creating wonderful dishesContinue reading “Warm Up with Coconut Curry Squash Soup”

A Great Big Harvest Festival Thank You!

Plus a couple of pumpkin pie recipes 🙂  What an amazing Harvest Festival we had on Sunday!  The weather was just right and everyone was having a great time.  There were some beautiful flower wreaths/crowns, great musical instruments and plenty of well decorated lunch bags.  We would like to thank all the folks that cameContinue reading “A Great Big Harvest Festival Thank You!”

Cocconut Curry Squash Soup = Yummy!

With that November chill in the air and local squash at the farmer’s markets and grocery stores it’s time for a little soup!  Sweet and full of flavour, healthy and colourful, this soup will please the whole family.  This soup freezes well so make sure you make plenty of it! Coconut Curry Squash Soup Ingredients:Continue reading “Cocconut Curry Squash Soup = Yummy!”