Urban Veg Tour & Harvest Fest 2011

We have a few fun activities coming up in the near future!  First off we have the 2011 Urban Veg Tour presented by the Horticultural Societies of Parkdale and Toronto.  This great tour is all about growing vegetables in a variety of urban spaces.

Lorraine Johnson will be a guest speaker and a variety of amazing gardens will be on display.  Check out/click on the poster below for ticket information and tour details.

Next event after this is the High Park Harvest Festival.  Harvest Fest is a joint event put on by ourselves, Colborne Lodge and the High Park Nature Centre.  Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011 from 12:00 to 4:30 pm down by Colborne Lodge and the Children’s Garden.

This year we won’t have the opportunity to feed everyone (with the Children’s Garden left fallow for the summer due to the Kitchen construction there’s nothing to cook up for everyone).  We will, however, be able to show you what’s happening at the Kitchen and of course still have a variety of fun garden and nature activities for everyone to enjoy.

You can find out more about the event on the High Park Nature Centre site and the Colborne Lodge Museum site.

Alana’s Blog

I am a student at Niagara College in Recreation and Leisure Services. I had chosen the Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Program as my end of the year placement.

My experience here was very positive. It was very rewarding and I learned a lot more than I expected to. I was able to participate in the hikes as another leader and take part in the gardening exercises both here and at the Waterfront location. Through all of my gained knowledge I was able to teach it back to the public, even when my family came to walk around the park I gave them a successful tour. During the day when the school groups had come I was able to be on my own andteach them something about the theme of the day. I watched the children enjoy the program as much as I did myself. There was a variety of different activities and games thatwere created by us and then implemented. My favourite was instincts for survival! All of the activities we did for the children had meaning and were based on their curriculum topics. The staff are incredibly friendly and made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I was a part of the team in no time!

I came to this placement with not much experience with gardening or knowledge about High Park and I will leave feeling like an expert. The different ages of school groups that came to the park made my day that muchbetter. I was able to experience leadership in a variety of different ways every day. This placement gave me a chance to come out and be a leader and teach children about different aspects of the park including taking them through the different eco systems (which is incredible!) I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it my all.

Thank you Children’s Garden and Exploring Toronto Programs for giving me a great experience!


Music Garden (a.k.a. Waterfront) Eco Camp

We know the snow on the ground doesn’t make it feel much like spring, however, in the office we’re aware of just how quickly we’re galloping towards summer!  It’s all the fun stuff starting to happen like camp registrations and hiring new staff (with many returning Camp Counselors!  We’re very excited about our great Crew this season!).

If you’ve registered your camper for one (or more 😉 ) of our Eco Camp sessions then you’ll be getting a package of camp related information sent to you within the next month (including forms to fill out and send back!).  If you haven’t registered yet … we still have a few spaces left but they’re filling pretty quickly.  Click on Eco Camp Barcodes 2011 for a list of camp program barcodes and dates then call 416-338-4FUN to register or search the City’s FUN Guide website for more information … our Eco Camps are located at High Park and the Music Garden.

Now if you’re wondering what happened to the Waterfront Eco Camp we ran last year … it’s still here!  We’ve just had to change the name to Music Garden Eco Camp.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like more information!  We’re always happy to talk about Eco Camp 🙂

Bean Update!

We know you want one!  It’s Monday and they’ve had the weekend to dry.  The beans are now dark purple and a wee bit shrivelled 🙂  We’ll store them in a cool dark place until late next spring when it warms up enough to plant them again.  To check out what they looked like originally, here’s the first Bean Post!

This picture really shows a hint of the original colour

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Art Today . . . Food Next Summer!

The strong winds we’ve had over the past few days finally knocked down the runner bean plant we had in the office garden.  It started growing up our corn by the rain barrel then grew so big we hooked it to the roof overhang . . . The beans themselves were big with this awesome, weird fuzzy exterior.

But the best part was what was inside:

Sunset Runner Beans

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Just About Time for a Long Winter’s Nap!

It’s that time of year.  Gardens are being put to bed, snow shovels are being dug out from the shed and the leaves are added to the compost pile.  Well, almost on that last one!  After a quick survey of the Garden yesterday we’ve found a few plants still plugging away and trying to survive these last few frosts!

Cardoon – related to the Globe Artichoke

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